Review Requests

Review Requests are currently OPEN as of 2/22/2021.

Romance or post-apocalyptic only!

I accept review requests from both indie and traditionally published authors.

No mass emails!

Please read my Review Policy before submitting anything. If you believe I will like the book, send a query to vblawauthor (at) gmail (dot) com with:

  • Subject: [Review Request] Author – Title
  • Why you think I will like it – specifically me, not just anyone. Reading “Will You Like I What I Like?” and “What I Read” will help with this.
  • Cover image
  • Blurb
  • Genre(s)
  • Length
  • Links to purchase or date of future publication
  • What state your grammar and spelling is in
  • Standalone or series? # in series
  • Does it have a cliffhanger, satisfying, HEA, or HFN ending?
  • How you found me

Mass emails will not be read. I might send a mass email reply template to emphasize how rude you are.

If it is not romance or post-apocalyptic, I will not respond.

I only accept MOBI files, no other file types or hard copies. Please do not send the file in your query. If I accept your request, I will ask you to reply back with the MOBI file.

Don’t have a MOBI file? How To Create a MOBI File

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