Review Requests

Review Requests are currently OPEN as of 1/20/2020.

I accept review requests from both indie and traditionally published authors.

Priority will be given to my Favorite Genres.

No mass emails!

Please read my Review Policy before submitting anything. If you believe I will like the book, send a query to vblawauthor (at) gmail (dot) com with:

  • Subject: [Review Request] Author – Title
  • Why you think I will like it – specifically me, not just anyone. Reading “Will You Like I What I Like?” and “What I Read” will help with this.
  • Cover image
  • Blurb
  • Genre(s)
  • Length
  • Links to purchase or date of future publication
  • What state your grammar and spelling is in
  • Standalone or series? # in series
  • Does it have a cliffhanger, satisfying, HEA, or HFN ending?
  • How you found me

Mass emails will not be read. I might send a mass email reply template to emphasize how rude you are.

Currently, I plan to respond to every query fitting these requirements even if with just “Not interested.”

I only accept MOBI files, no other file types or hard copies. Please do not send the file in your query. If I accept your request, I will ask you to reply back with the MOBI file.

Don’t have a MOBI file? How To Create a MOBI File

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