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Editing and Proofreading Services for Romance Novels

  • Proofreading
  • Full Critique Beta Reading
  • Editing: content, story progression, pacing
  • Self-Publishing: advice and technical assistance on layout, cover design, file formatting, and publishing on Amazon

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After Yesterday – Jacqueline Hayley

After YesterdayJacqueline Hayley A great, gritty, hot follow up to After Today Blurb: Surviving the virus was one thing, surviving humanity after is another.Rachel Davenport has always liked things ordered and neat, so when the Sy-V virus decimated the world around her, she was left reeling. With winter closing in and danger everywhere she turns, the last…

After Today – Jacqueline Hayley

After TodayJacqueline Hayley Realistic, immersive, and hot apocalyptic romance that kept me up way too late! Blurb: Can love survive an apocalypse?After a deadly virus ravages Chicago and destroys Mackenzie Lyons’ carefully curated world, Mac escapes the devastation and horror to her childhood hometown with the help of her best-friend’s little brother, Jake. But the…

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