Review Policy

All reviews are my personal, honest opinions.

I do not accept any money, gifts, or promotion in exchange for reviews other than a free copy of the book in question, and that will be noted in the review. Anyone is more than welcome to review one of my books, but doing so will have no bearing on whether I will review a book or what rating I will give it.

I will post to Amazon, Goodreads, this website, and possibly others if requested and agreed to ahead of time.

Rating System – Stars, in line with Amazon and Goodreads

I will post 1 and 2 star reviews! But I will detail exactly why I gave it that rating.

Fantastic, loved it

Good read, really liked it

Okay, may have liked it, but it had some problems

Didn’t like it to liked it, but it had serious problems

Hated it or DNF to okay but with serious problems

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