Blind Fall – (Stolen By An Alien #5) – Amanda Milo

Blind Fall
Stolen By An Alien #5
Amanda Milo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Cowboy romance mixes with SciFi romance like chocolate and coffee

Sanna wakes up in the auction pen with her guide dog, Kota. The two are bought along with Beth by Ekan. Ekan gives Sanna to Breslin as a present, but Breslin doesn’t treat her like a possession. They go to his planet where he raises carnivorous horse type creatures.

I love western/cowboy romances and I love SciFi romances, so this is like chocolate and coffee together! It is so wonderfully done! As always, I love Amanda’s writing style, imagination, and humor. Carnivorous horses! Love it!

Craved by an Alien (Stolen By An Alien #4) – Amanda Milo

Craved by an Alien
Stolen By An Alien #4
Amanda Milo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hilarious and so cute

I love Gracie’s humor and her interactions with Dohrein. They are so cute together. I also loved getting more information about this well-fleshed world. The bonus short story was very cute!