Editing and Proofreading Services for Romance Novels

From rough drafts to self-publishing, let me help you get your romance there!

I am very familiar with YA/NA, paranormal (especially shifter), science fiction, western, alpha male, dystopian, apocalyptic, dark, menage, and reverse harem subgenres. Any amount of erotica is fine. No BDSM involving humiliation or pain.

Contact me at vblaweditor (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Beta Reading Reviews:

Proofreading Reviews:


  • Proofreading
    • Line by line proofread and correct, focusing on:
      • grammar
      • punctuation
      • spelling
      • word choice
      • sentence structure
      • tenses
      • formatting
    • I will note any confusion or inconsistencies.
    • I will deliver two Word files, one with Tracked Changes and a second with all changes accepted.
    • Rate: $2/1,000 words with a 10% discount on word counts over 80k

  • Full Critique Beta Reading
    • In-line reactions, questions, and comments on:
      • content
      • story progression
      • pacing
      • character development
      • initial first sentence or paragraph hook
      • chapter divisions – hooks and rests
      • world building and lore
      • title and names
    • Overall review letter
    • Rate: $1/1,000 words with a 10% discount on word counts over 80k

Rates are low while I grow my business. Get in now!

About Me

I have always been a voracious reader and began noticing errors in printed books in my early teens. But I chose to work in computers, first in software development. I had the focus to find errors in thousands of lines of code. Then I switched to tech support, which honed my patience, communication, and teaching skills.

In 2013, I began writing my own novels. I published a book with an ebook only niche publisher in 2015 but was very unsatisfied with this experience. An editor read my novel and made corrections and notes, but I wasn’t able to ask questions or communicate further with her. I made changes, and a proofreader proofed the novel. A generic cover was made, which was nothing like I had imaged it would be. It was then placed for sale on the publisher’s website, Amazon, B&N, and Apple. They did not do any advertising or contact any reviewers – the part I really didn’t want to do! It didn’t feel worth the big chunk of the profits they took. So I decided to do it all myself the next time.

I taught myself editing with things like Grammar Girl. Editing my own writing caused me to read other novels with the same scrutiny, even when trying to read just for pleasure. Errors jump out like neon stop signs now.

I created my own covers.

I turned my Word documents into MOBI files.

I self-published on Amazon using their Kindle Create software and website.

I contacted review sites and bloggers and learned how to communicate with them.

I can help you with all of these extra things if desired.

I started writing my own reviews and began a blog at vblawnola.com. I always put the number of errors I find in a novel in my review to help readers avoid novels with so many errors that they become unenjoyable.

I have a bachelor’s in art history from Tulane University and a masters in information systems. I’ve been doing technical writing at my day job for 7 years now but want to switch careers. I got my Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing from Poynter University’s NewsU in May 2021. I began freelance proofreading and editing of romance novels in September 2021.

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