How To Create a MOBI File

If you’ve got your novel in a Word document, you can transform it into a MOBI file at no cost following these steps:

  • Download and install Calibre
  • Click the down arrow next to Add Books
  • Choose Add Books From A Single Directory
  • Navigate to your Word document and select it
  • Click Open
  • Your book will now be shown in the list and will already be selected
  • Click Convert Books
  • Choose Input format: DOCX
  • Choose Output format: MOBI
  • It is not necessary to change any other settings here
  • Click Okay at the bottom
  • Click Save to disk
  • Navigate to your target Destination Folder
  • Click Select Folder
  • This will create a folder with the author’s last name, first name
  • With the book title as a subfolder
  • When emailing your book, it is only necessary to send the actual .MOBI file

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